Monday, October 20, 2014

A Visit to the Doctor

Last night i visited the doctor to have a look at the achy feeling behind my nose while running last was observed my cheek had swallen on the right side of my face and giving me sinus as well..the doc gave me some antibiotics, and other meds to reduce the swelling too..insyallah i will recover and have a better run next time

pic of me having breakfast today👍

-muhaimin rahim-

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Say Hello to A New Journey

it has been a while me not blogging..pretty much had born and life as it is with its none ending challanges..

shoe- i have bought a shoe sometime earlier this year..a pair of newton trainers..which i wore them today on my maiden run that felt like ages to complete 5km..

nose- somehow my nose felt weired..hard to breath at times and also aching at times..maybe a visit to the doctor tomorrow will do some good atleast a resonable explaination i hope..

ankle- with me being overweight and clumsy, i sprained my ankle on my first 1km today..i am icing them as i am blogging now and hope nothing severe tomorrow..

motivation- running takes alot from you..time, sweat and you name it many others as the moment my motivation has got me running today and hope i end up running my next half if not full marathon in better shape..

me yesterday @ balok, kuantan

me icing me sprained ankle

-muhaimin rahim-

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week6 of 2014

Alhamdulillah.. i have been training consistently for the past few weeks and hope that i will continue this fabulous form till end of the year.. and be ready for penang bridge international marathon 2014.. please apologise me as i am unable to give details to my training as i am unable to download my polar watch logs on to my pc.. well, that is a good excuse to buy a new running watch if you ask me.. hehehe.. 

training intensity have been moderate.. not pushing to much these legs of mine.. so far, my body have been responding well and not hurting that much.. you have to hurt a bit to gain a bit.. that the catch in training, sports and also life..

did a few online shopping for my running kits.. i have bought a pair of Newton running shoes some time end last month and have received them yesterday.. this pair will be my sixth (6) trainers i have bought since i started this blog and running thus far.. will not use this new pairs until the old one are really workout.. reason for buying them online is because i do not have the leisure to travel 300km++ just to look for a new pair of trainers.. really hope to see Newton shoes on the shelves of shops near soon..

my iPod nano that i purchased and used since 2005 have been giving problems.. purchase two (2) pieces back then.. one (1) recently malfunctioned totally last few weeks.. and the other one (1) have problems with its volume..

stay fit and keep training guys & gals :-)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Feeling Grateful for a Wonderful Week1 Training

Week1 (w1) is a new start to my new journey in finishing this year with a great half marathon finish hopefully.. That is provided i train constantly.. Lets see what lies ahead and i will keep you posted.. completed w1 with a total of 22km (5+5+6.5+5.5) after almost two years of lay off.. Feet feeling great.. No aching here and there at the moment.. w2 starts today and i hope to finish some where in the 15km range.. One of my ipod nano malfunctioned last week and hope to find a replacement soon, as if the other one i am using now dies, i will be out of music on my runs.. I need music at the moment to get my body back in training momentum.. Happy traing guys & gals :-)

Picture of me taken ages ago when 10k was a piece of cake..

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lets Get Started 2014!

Week1 have been good thus far.. Did 16.5k (5k + 5k + 6.5k) total up to today and hope to increase this by a few more kilometres today.. Body feeling great during my runs so far with no joints and muscular pains.. Seems i am back on track to do a half marathon by end this year.. I have not done speed runs as i am overweight and wont want to risk injuring myself.. Happy training guys & gals..

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kerana Kau (Lagu Tema DEE) - Daiyan Trisha (Official Music Video)

yesterday i clocked my first 5k training for the first time in ages.. felt really great after that run.. i really need to start digging really deep to get where i was years ago before i can start dreaming for another HalfMarathon.. wish me luck everyone.. enjoy this song.. bye..

Friday, December 27, 2013

Lets Start All Over Again Amin!

i has been really long since my last run.. after a long holiday back from 'kampung', i have decided to continue my passion for running.. had a great 3k run yesterday..and hope to continue with more soon in these coming months..see yaa..bye